Partnership for Rural and the Sea

"Partnership for Rural and the Sea" is a local action and a fishery group (LAG and FLAG), which implements Community-Led Local Development action and LEADER in our managing area. We are administrating two funds: European Agriculture Rural Development Fund and European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The Partnership is lead and ran by the administrating manager and has one external relation coordinator and project manager. Our board consists of 9 local different field specialists, which takes the financial and strategic decisions. There are 31 members in the partnership representing municipalities, entrepreneurs and community inhabitants.Partnership for Rural and the Sea supports the people of the local community, entrepreneurs, ngo’s and municipalities and promotes them to use the LEADER and CLLD tool for realization of new development projects or for upgrading of an existing activity. Our main goal is to empower the locals to take the actions that lead to the growing development of the area and improved wealth being of the local inhabitants.  

Our cross-cutting themes are:

  • Capacity building
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Community building and empowerment
  • Nature protection and sustainable use

Network building Our AreaOur operating area covers two regions: Engure and Tukums districts. There are 11 villages and towns together. Territory along the coast of the Gulf of Riga of the Baltic Sea is 76 km long.  It has several small fishery villages with beautiful cultural inheritance of the small fishery traditions and picturesque houses. Besides it includes the most popular resort town with the blue flag beaches called Jurmala.

The rural area is rich in farm lands, beautiful medows and woods. We are proud with our protected nature areas of Kemeri National Park and Lake Engure Nature Park.  

Cooperation activities

The Partnership for Rural and the Sea is an active partner in the international cooperation by taking part and leading 10 cooperation projects in fields of education, environment, local small entrepreneurship, knowladge, nature protection, sustainable development and smart villages. Thus we involve the representatives of our local communities in transnational cooperation’s to gain broader experience and to build new networks.